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Providing E-Rate Funding Consultation & Services Since 1997

E-RATE ONLINE specializes in comprehensive application filing, reimbursement tracking, and reporting services for schools and libraries that participate or would like to participate in the E-Rate or Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) federal reimbursement programs. Our team has been proudly serving a portfolio of more than 350 clients across the nation for over 25 years, obtaining over one billion dollars in the E-Rate funding program. Contact us today for a free evaluation and learn how E-RATE ONLINE can help maximize your funding and make a complex process simple.

Our Mission: Simplify the Complex

E-RATE ONLINE’s mission is to simplify the complex E-Rate funding process so that you get back to what matters most – your students. Our team of experts is there to help your organization secure funding from tight deadlines and budgets to making the right technology/connectivity decisions for your school or library.

It’s more than submitting the forms. It’s even more than being diligent, proficient, or experienced throughout the process. Our team uncovers what others fail to see; ensuring that no detail of your information has been left unseen and every opportunity to enhance your budget has been unearthed. With the undivided attention you deserve, E-RATE ONLINE will even be there every step of the way to get you the insights and advice you need to help make important decisions that are right for both your specific technology needs, as well as your budget.

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Meet the E-RATE ONLINE Team

David Cornett

Managing Partner

Mary Jo Sagnella, CEMP*

Chief Operating Officer

Karen Pavon

Operations Manager

Amy Krom

Sr. Account Manager

Amanda Miguel-Rua, CEMP*

Sr. Account Manager

Brian Grimmer, CEMP*

Sr. Account Manager

Alexa Mulligan

Account Manager

Stephanie Morales

Account Manager

Erin Prentice

Account Manager

Deyanir Gomez

Account Manager

Eduardo Morales

Account Manager

Belinda Hoang

Account Manager

*Certified E-Rate Management Professional

Certified E-mpa Member

The E-RATE ONLINE team is proud to be counted among the certified members of the E-Rate Management Professional’s Association, or E-mpa®. E-mpa is a self-certifying organization that sets quality and ethical standards for E-Rate management professionals and consultants. Certified members have proven they possess a thorough understanding of the E-Rate program rules, regulations, and policies, and are committed to furthering their knowledge of the program through annual continuing professional education.

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